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With a powerful blend of science and compassion, we forge inclusive teams and outstanding leadership.

Research shows that people who work in high-trust organisations are more productive, have more energy, collaborate better and stay with their employers longer than people working at low-trust organisations. They also suffer less from chronic stress and are happier with their lives. These factors are the ultimate catalyst for better performance. 

Our programmes are delivered with the (neuro)science of trust at the heart of them. They are experiential and evidence-based. We engage individuals, small groups and large groups in immersive ways of learning. With a highly interactive approach,  our programmes motivate, inspire and empower. They decrease staff turnover and (political) sick leave. Find out what others have to say about our work or contact us to receive a copy of the extended learning & development prospectus.

Training courses

What if your team could to better ‘read’ and understand the intentions and needs of each other? And what aspects of interpersonal communication reinforce trust?

In this programme, we help you turn widely researched theory of Emotional Intelligence into effective communication strategies. We explore the ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’ of human behaviour, the role of culture and make you understand facial emotional expressions.We use validated communication profile analysis instruments to help reveal unconscious patterns of communication and behaviour both on individual and at team level. This way we can demonstrate which type of behaviour and communication style drains or gains motivation. Delegates who participated gained value from this programme in sales, negotiation, resolving conflict and in leading teams.

How do you engage members on your team towards a common goal or a challenging strategy, promoting openness and spark interpersonal cohesion? Start with trust.

With a thoughtful look at stages of team development, we help you solve team problems before they derail the team’s success. We partner with leaders and teams to identify key issues that compromise trust before they become dysfunctional or even toxic.

Taking part in this programme makes your teams more inclusive, more resilient and productive. We facilitate a group process, develop the underlying core skills and identify the desired team behaviours that reinforce it:

  • Controlling of impulses
  • Expressing empathy
  • Persevere in the face of difficulty or setbacks
  • Communicate effectively with others
  • Work collaboratively
  • Negotiate and resolve differences in a win/win manner

In a powerful mix of individual and group work, we provide insight in motivation, expectations and individual personality differences. This will help you build a team culture that blends performance with care where people feel valued and they belong.

Research shows that people who receive instruction in social and emotional intelligence are more positive, more solution focussed and less anxious than others.

What do you wish for people to associate with you when they think of your name? How do you ‘show’ yourself without the fear of being judged? How do you engage or lead people towards your vision or goal?

Over two immersive days, this personalised programme utilises proven branding secrets to supercharge your self-awareness and self-esteem. In a highly interactive small group programme, we take a closer look at ourselves ‘from the inside out’. Explore what your inner drives and purpose entail, which beliefs may hold you back to step forward and how to break through such barriers.

Your coach is an experienced public speaker and TEDx host who understands and appreciates the anxieties and fears and how to overcome them. Therefore, in partnership you will discover where you naturally excel and comfortably learn to articulate a gripping story about it.

Trust is the most valuable aspect in human relationships. But depending on the situation, we can’t always be sure if we can trust the other person’s narrative or intention. It can then be useful to be able to better ‘read’ the intention and motivation behind someone’s behaviour.

This programme, based on scientifically-backed research, will teach you proven techniques and methodologies on reading people’s authenticity and how to spot deception.

Through experience-based learning, you will analyse the psychological processes that occur when people are not being truthful. You will develop your ability to assess the credibility of others through their verbal and nonverbal behaviours. Being able to detect suppressed emotions on the face, for example, gives you a distinct advantage in negotiations, recruitment, sales, risk & fraud analysis.

“Those who tell the stories, rule society”, is a powerful quote attributed to Plato. Great stories can inspire hope and optimism and so motivate people to join a cause or your mission. It is an exceptionally powerful skill in the practice of leadership, but certainly not an easy task for many.

This highly personalised programme for small groups, are tailored around the art of speech. Group interaction enables developing an engaging and responsive communication style and boost confidence and competence to make a convincing narrative.

Do you find yourself struck by uncontrollable anxieties from the prospect of speaking before an audience? We will help you build that confidence to deliver a gripping story in your own natural way. We help identify what kind of (non-) verbal interaction, wording, or detail is needed to deliver your message successfully. It is designed to build on your own authenticity, developing skills and styles that naturally represent the true you. With contributions from TED speakers, you will learn from the best.

Awareness training about diversity and -more importantly- inclusion, is moving up the boardroom agenda in most modern organisations. It is not just the right thing to do, it is also the smart thing to do.

With a ‘brain in mind’ approach, this training programme is designed to help you achieve exactly that. We reveal how our biased brains get in the way when it comes to the act of inclusion. You will learn how to identify and mitigate the unconscious biases and dysfunctional team dynamics such as ‘group think’.

By creating awareness about inclusion issues, discussing inspiring case studies, and fun exercises, we equip teams with tools to promote stronger cohesiveness and inclusion on their teams. Its strategic yet practical approach will help you identify inclusion opportunities and concludes with a tangible strategic plan.

Organisations that have adopted a strategy to promote inclusion say it is helping them to enhance innovation, employee wellbeing and overall performance.