Conflict Resolution

Rebuilding trust

Conflict, arguments and change are inevitable parts of our lives, as well as the lives of an organisation or team. Conflicts emerge for a myriad of reasons and can be personal, financial or political. In the workplace causes vary from insurmountable difference of opinion and cultural differences to lack of recognition of needs amongst team members. It may occur between co-workers or between service providers and their clients. Conflict resolution is a way for parties involved to find a peaceful solution among them. 

Our approach is based on ViewsUnlimited’s PEACE™ model: Probe, Explore, Adapt, Consent & Evaluate. It is powered by process, embedded in empathy and incorporates frameworks adopted from Kilmann, Crosby and others. We facilitate a process to understand, effectively manage and resolve the root causes behind conflict. We work with you to harness the constructive power of emotions to help you reach closure. This way, each side is more likely to get more by participating in talks than they would by walking away. Our approach ensures we help understand each party’s perspective so to see new ways forward. The relationship between those involved is likely to improve, without necessarily agreeing in the end.