Trust is not a matter of skills, but of character.
Trust is about competence and courage.

Unleash your leadership authenticity and purpose.

Trust is not a matter of skills, but of character.
Trust is granted. One action at a time.

We make your team stand out.

Trust is not a matter of skills, but of character.
Trust accelerates succes.

Build an engaged and inclusive workforce.

Trust is not a matter of skills, but of character.
Trust is the confidence of having each others’ back.

We bring years of experience in building cultures of trust.

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Trust is the ultimate human currency. We help teams and leaders build, expand or restore it.

Trust is the invisible thread that weaves the fabric of relationships and a thriving workplace. It’s the cornerstone upon which innovation, collaboration, and genuine connection flourish. Trust and psychological safety form the bedrock that underpins engagement. Trust isn’t something you have, it’s something you build. And It begins with leadership.

With science and compassion at the core of our approach, we provide training, coaching and facilitation services that advance trust and psychological safety in teams. Our methodology is personal and personalised, grounded in scientific research. This way, clients benefit from proven methodologies and a wealth of intercultural global experience.


Explore our learning programmes that forge relatedness, trust and inclusion on your team.
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Get meaningful engaging conversations going that promotes understanding and collective action.
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Unlock your potential to maximise your impact on the world around you.
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Conflict resolution

Benefit from a facilitated process to resolve conflict in or between teams.
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Our trust fuelling learning programmes develop and leverage emotional intelligence on teams, making your organisation a better place to work. Do you want to benefit from creating an inclusive and truly engaged workforce?
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Forward thinking conversations deserve a moderator who gets a meaningful conversation going, and who promotes understanding and collective action. Do you want your next event to have impact and not be forgotten?
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Do you want to develop your teaming and leadership capabilities? Or do you feel the need to boost your personal and professional brand? In coaching we help enterprising professionals to find, tell and sell their story with lasting impact.
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Don’t just take our word for it, hear it from others.

“Thank you Bart, it’s a pleasure to partner with you. The way you utilize insights from behavioural science in an engaging way is profoundly impactful. You’re able to connect with leaders on Purpose-driven leadership in a practical and compelling way.”
“In November 2017, we organized the JCI World Congress in the Netherlands. As our event chair, Bart moderated a live stage conversation between Mr. Kofi Annan and Mr. Arrey Obenson (Secretary General – JCI) for 3.000 people and, with the same impact, smaller keynote sessions. It’s my pleasure to recommend Bart.”
“For our HR and senior risk & compliance team, Bart delivered inspring programmes on detecting deceptive behaviour and mastering public speaking. He has become a highly trusted partner to Mashreq’s learning & development team who blends a scientific foundation of knowledge with an inclusive and personal delivery style. Recommended to an organization that will look at cognitive learning & insights into behaviour”
“Bart has exceeded my expectations. The training sessions I had with him were interactive, using numerous techniques on our management programs. They have deepened my understanding of me and expanded my abilities to lead others. I always valued every single professional coaching session and have worked as an effective leader since.”
“Bart delivers profound barrier- breaking personal and team development sessions, catalysing an environment of respect, trust, and effectiveness.”
“Thank you for drive, passion, enthusiasm, erudition and confidence. I very much valued your three-day presence in our midst. The experience has whetted the appetite for more.”
“Our Embassy team in Beirut benefitted greatly from the training with Bart. His passion for people, his knowledge and skills has brought our team to a higher level. We developed our team charter, mapping out the behavioural principles that guide us as a team. By engraining these principles and our newly acquired knowledge about ourselves and our colleagues, we ensure that we work harmoniously together, achieving even better results and still feel full of energy after a day’s hard work.”
“Looking for a sparring partner who is a realistic optimist and always sees light at the end of the tunnel? Searching for a different way of looking at your own business model so you can create something new from previous experiences? Believing that creating shared values brings you and your clients further than excel sheets with figures only? Go and meet Bart, his clear visions on working in complex situations nationally and internationally have enabled me to see new opportunities in my own career development.”
“Bart has delivered numerous workshops for us, both internally for our employees and externally with our clients. Bart is the kind of trainer that can keep all participants engaged for the entire workshop duration. He is a master of communication with an excellent presentation style. He is very personable and we have always had the best feedback from his sessions. He clearly loves what he does and it shows.”
“Bart is an inspiring professional with a genuine interest in helping people achieve their potential. His delivery style is very engaging and his passion for his work is evident inside and outside the classroom. Bart’s warm personality makes it easy to work with him. He is always enthusiastic about sharing his expertise in order to help others.”
“Bart is passionate about opportunities, in life in general but also in business. He is a true optimist but is clear about the fine line between good ideas and great illusions. His energy is contagious; it’s always a pleasure to work with Bart.”