Panel moderation & team retreats

Panel moderation

With our roots in event hosting, we strongly believe your event warrants a moderator capable of infusing vitality into the room. An accomplished master of ceremonies who adeptly forges connections between individuals and ideas, igniting genuine engagement among your audience. A consummate professional skilled in orchestrating dialogue, harmonizing divergent perspectives, and fostering shared comprehension and concerted action.

We have experts in conceptualizing, chairing, and moderating events of small to large scale, encompassing a diverse spectrum of subjects. From sustainable development, diversity and inclusion, and leadership and engagement, to Megatrends and Geo-policical shifts. Our interactive and all-encompassing approach ensures that your event leaves an indelible mark and remains etched in memory.

Team off-sites

Team off-sites offer the opportunity to forge trust and relatedness, align goals, strategise, and develop ideas without distractions. As facilitators, we promote creative thinking and foster synergy. We create an environment of trust and inclusiveness to develop a shared vision, a strategy or charter. We set the framework and ensure group commitment. 

Post-merger culture integration

Steering your organisation through a merger is a significant milestone, but the real achievement lies in seamlessly merging cultures. A well-integrated culture minimises disruptions, reduces uncertainty, and enhances collaboration and commitment. 

Our facilitation supports harmonising diverse workforces into a cohesive, powerhouse entity. We analyse existing cultures, pinpoint common values, and chart a roadmap for integration. With a custom-tailored approach, we guide your teams towards shared purpose, fostering a dynamic environment where everyone can thrive in a harmonious, high-performing future. The setting we create encourages open and honest discussions and contribute to a sense of camaraderie and unity. 

The methods we use vary, such as The World Café, Appreciative Inquiry, and Deep Democracy.