Panel moderator

A master of ceremony

Event hosting

Your event deserves a moderator that makes the room come to life, live or online! A master of ceremony who connects people and ideas and truly engages your audience. A professional that facilitates conversation, connects people’s viewpoints and promotes shared understanding and collective action.

ViewsUnlimited designed, chaired and moderated many medium-sized to large scale events on a wide array of subjects. From sustainable development, diversity & inclusion, leadership & engagement to the future of financial markets. Our interactive and inclusive approach ensures that your event has a lasting impact and will not be forgotten.

Team retreats

Dialogue is the basis for progress, establishing trust and shifting boundaries. During our team retreats, we facilitate your leadership group (Executive board, Senior Management) in creating a shared understanding of key issues and identifying opportunities for positive change.

Surrounded by an inspiring location, we promote creative thinking and foster synergy. We create an environment of trust and inclusiveness to develop a shared vision, strategy or charter. We set the framework and ensure group commitment.

The methods used include; World Café, Appreciative Inquiry, and are often adjusted formats to suit your needs and goals. For strategy and vision development, Scenario Planning is a popular format; a process of making informed assumptions on what the future could be like.

All programmes are co-created and based on a clear purpose, so your team will be better prepared for what may come your way.


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