Why we are here

Our purpose

In a fast-changing world of volatility, ambiguity and disruption, trust is the ultimate human currency. Absence of trust deprives people and teams from growth and opportunity whilst the human and organisational costs are skyrocketing. We believe building trust is a shared responsibility so to forge more inclusive organisations of dignity and purpose. That every person can bring about positive change in markets and societies and be a force for good.

The Story

ViewsUnlimited has its roots in event hosting. Amid the Arab Spring in 2011, the very first project involved organising and moderating a public dialogue in the heart of Cairo, Egypt, in partnership with the Masterpeace foundation.

In a country scattered by disappointment, divide and desperation, the event featured a keynote address by the South African Ambassador to Egypt. People from all walks of life learned about South Africa’s transition to democracy, the relentless work of the Truth & Reconciliation Committee and discussed the future of post-revolution Egypt.

Building on this experience, ViewsUnlimited expanded specialism in human behaviour as an organisational learning & development provider. With a global footprint and strong presence in the Middle East, ViewsUnlimited has built a reputation on providing engaging high-impact programmes to clients in the areas of Finance & Technology, FMCG, Sustainable Development, Governments and International Organisations.

Meet Bart

Founder Bart Burghgraef (1972) is an international team- and executive coach with over 20 years of experience in Europe, South Asia and the Middle East. He specialises in interpersonal communication, behavioural assessment & analysis and is a certified Evaluator of Truthfulness and Credibility, made popular by the TV series “Lie to me”.

Following an internship at Shell in 1993, he worked 13 years in the international media and ICT sector in different roles and countries. A major transformative part of his early career was fuelled at the renowned Tällberg Forum in Sweden between 2007 and 2010. He regularly contributed as moderator and speaker on sustainability and the energy transition. Comfortable in speaking off-the-cuff, Bart is seasoned in hosting debates and conducting stage interviews whether at a small round-table or a conference hall of thousands. In his capacity as event chair, he interviewed the late Nobel Prize laureate Kofi Annan about his legacy as a world leader in front of a live audience in 2017.

Bart serves as an associate lecturer to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Academy in the Middle East on the subjects of management, diversity & inclusion and leadership. In The Netherlands, he is a visiting lecturer at Nyenrode Business University.

Trust is a psychological state comprising the intention to accept vulnerability based upon positive expectations of the intentions or behaviour of another



Our training and executive coaching work revolve around understanding the fundamentals of human motivation and behaviour, on why and how we do the things that are important to us. To understand the nature of our behaviour -especially how it manifests under pressure- psychometric analysis is an essential instrument.

ViewsUnlimited is the exclusive distribution partner of Q4’s DISC profiles in the Middle East. In a market saturated by non-validated personality analysis tools, Q4 Profiles (The Netherlands) brings many years of experience backed by research of the University of Manchester. Their behavioural profile analysis products boast an exceptionally high level of accuracy and depth and are one of the most advanced, profound and academically validated psychometric tools on the market.

We have applied Q4 Profiles analyses in many fields including HR, coaching, sales, personal leadership and organisational team development.

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