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Coaching by Bart Burghgraef

Coaching by Bart Burghgraef

Coaching is a powerful interactive developmental process. The underlying purpose of coaching is building the self-belief to accomplish what you want for your life, be it personal, professional or both. In a coaching relationship we focus on what is inside your head. I enable you to work through issues or limiting beliefs that are holding you back and to try new behaviours.

I listen with intent, ask clarifying questions, challenge your assumptions and make sure you commit to what is important to you. Together we reflect on the impact, speeding the adoption of more productive habits. This way, we reveal and interrupt the unconscious patterns of behaviour, create an opportunity to stop the business as usual and to see and pursue new ways forward with more clarity and confidence.

I’m not a textbook coach. I find inspiration in others and utilise a deep well of scientific resources and personal experiences. My job is to help you unlock your potential – you, after all, are the main player in our coaching partnership.

Curious about how I work and how those who went before you have benefitted? Please feel free to reach out for a free introductory call.