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Sparks of the year

2014 was my comeback year and an exciting one. But also the year characterised by conflict and severe atrocities, grief and sorrow. If you put focus on that, your world view may be hijacked by negativity. And when I was severely ill, I promised myself to never let that happen. So I felt the need the share some of those conversation ‘sparks’. Sparks of hope and optimism. Of people I met that will never give up in pursuing their dreams, and who will always see the silver linings.

A lot of work time and with people from around the world, we talk about purpose, about our cause and what really makes us tick. About what deeply motivates our actions and what we wish to leave behind. These conversations, be it in the context of personal leadership development or team communication programmes, were often inspiring and moving at times. They reminded me that we are not all that different. That regardless our beliefs, regardless our cultures we all have similar needs; to be trusted, to trust, to be loved and love and to matter to others in some form or way. So here they are, the Sparks of 2014:

  • “One day, I will be my country’s first female Ambassador”
  • “In my father’s spirit, I will work hard to make a positive contribution in other people’s lives, so he would be proud of me”
  • “It’s all about my family, everything I do, so they will flourish”
  • “If you know your cause, why waste your time doing something else?”
  • “My dream is to make people better understand our religion, so there will be less prejudice and hatred”
  • “My heart goes out to people who don’t fit the mould, to those who wish to stand out. Jarringly I feel the need to stand up for them so no one can put them down”
  • “I will never again allow anybody to tell me that I cannot, or should not. Myself included”