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Coaching By Bart Burghgraef

Coaching by Bart Burghgraef

My coaching approach is designed to encourage and motivate you, for example after concluding a team or leadership development programme. Many participants experience difficulty staying focused on their goals where others find it challenging to change their behaviours despite having new insights. The coaching work enables you to try new behaviours whether in your personal or professional life and to reflect on the impact, speeding the adoption of productive habits whilst growing self-confidence.

When we work together, I help you reveal and interrupt the unconscious patterns of behaviour, creating an opportunity to stop the business as usual and to see new ways forward. I listen with intent, asks clarifying questions, challenge your assumptions and make sure you commit to the important things.

Coaching is a partnership based on intention, commitment, integrity and relationship. My responsibility to you is to help achieve clarity and confidence. To enable you to work through issues or limiting beliefs that are holding you back. To allow you to discover the answers that define who you are, what you want and how you’re going to get there. And once defined, I act as your ally to keep you moving forward towards the realisation of that goal or intention.

I’m not a textbook coach. Of course, I find inspiration in others and utilise a deep well of resources and my own experiences. My job is to help you unlock your potential – you, after all, are the main player in our coaching partnership.


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