The power behind sharing stories is its ability to stir empathy and human connection. It helps your teammates understand what is important to you; why (and often how) you do what you do.

So, what’s your story? The questions below are meant to guide sharing yours to any degree comfortable. Reflect on the list below and pick 2.

  • What was the dominant value or belief instilled in you growing up and when do they typically speak through your actions?
  • What significant / tough life experience brought about an important lesson that still informs your choices, how they show in your actions?
  • What is your ‘landmine’? This is something that when stepped on by others, makes you angry or sad.
  • Is there a particular person or mentor who has greatly influenced your life and what lessons or wisdom did they impart to you? 
  • In what areas of your (work) life are you afraid to be wrong?
  • Is there a particular dream or aspiration you have for the future and what drives you to pursue that dream?
  • Can you describe a time when you felt vulnerable or afraid, and how you navigated through those emotions?

Make sure you acknowledge each other for sharing!

Duration: check with facilitator